What Do We Do?

PV Solar Plants

Through our relationship with various EPC’s (Engineering Procurement and Construction) we have been in partnership since 2015, we have engaged in various large scale solar pv plants locally and abroad.

Wind Power Plants

Hydrogeneration has embarked

Electricity Storage and back up

The storage part of the produced electricity of any large scale solar is very important. This is a costly part of the project especially on the solar installations that stores power for later use. Intelligent battery software uses algorithms to coordinate energy production and computerised control systems are used to decide when to keep the energy to provide reserves or release it to the grid.

Hydrogen Production and transportation

Hydrogeneration SA

Hydrogeneration Namibia

HydrogenX Pipeline

HydrogenX Pipeline

How is Hydrogen fuel produced?

Hydrogen fuel can be produced from methane, ethane or by electrolysis of water. In electrolysis, electricity is run through water to separate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms. This method can use wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, fossil fuels, biomass, nuclear, and many other energy sources.

Electrolysis of water is the process of using electricity to split water into oxygen and hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas released in this way can be used as hydrogen fuel or remixed with the oxygen to create oxyhydrogen(H2O2) gas, which is used in welding and other applications.