About us

Hydrogeneration Holdings “Hydrogeneration” is a Pan African Renewable energy development company, with the key executive directive and strategy that focus on:

  • Energy generation
  • Energy storage
  • Energy transmission
  • Green hydrogen

Hydrogeneration focuses on providing constant green renewable electricity to a broad spectrum of groups, such as:

  • Commercial and Manufacturing
  • Households
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Mining and Construction industry


Hydrogeneration provides renewable energy, and serves as advisors to various key players from different industries, and prides itself as a strong company that focus on often overlooked opportunities within the renewable energy sector which include smart energy monitoring using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Smart City implementation, balancing the use and charge of the Lithium batteries and Hydrogen fuel cell as back-up power systems, all of which require proficiency and the right people as per requirement from the clients.

Our current network provides us with an ever-increasing ability to assess, formulate and manage business strategies, particularly customized for the needs of each individual client.

Hydrogeneration builds long-term relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships locally and internationally to create progressive collaboration.

Sustainability and Renewability is deeply infused in everything we do. Renewability by Nature. Our experienced team manages many important relationships with leading clients, corporates, governments, fund managers, businesses, and essential service providers. Associating with the best employees, partners and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) suppliers, ensures everyone benefits together.

Our Team

Executive leadership


The key leadership team has an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of Renewable Energy Generation, Storage and Transmitting with a proven delivery track record. Together with our EPC partners multiple globally successful projects launched in the past with more than 2’500Mega Watt feeding into the national grid.

We are a multi-disciplinary team which includes skills and experience in fund raising for renewable projects, EPC and OEM negotiations, data telemetry monitoring and reporting resulting in gridline optimisation.


Executive management


Executive management is responsible for the group’s operational activities, developing strategy and policy proposals for consideration by the board, and implementing the board’s directives. Other responsibilities include providing leadership to all staff, developing, implementing, and managing the annual budget and internal controls, governance, risk management, ethics, and authority levels.

Sustainability and Renewability is deeply infused in everything we do.